Legacy Enterprise provides training to raise
Historical and Cultural awareness in Northern Ireland

Ancient and medieval Ireland

Discover the history of ancient monuments, the Celts, the Cruthin, the Vikings, the Normans and the Irish scribes.

Discover, through this course the facts about Ulster planters and their relationships.

Discover, through this course the facts about the siege from all sides and why it was important in the history of Britain and Ireland.

Explore through this course the military campaigns of King William III and Patrick Sarsfield, the legacy of which still impact upon Ireland today.

Encounter the personalities and ideas that inspired the United Irishmen leading to the 1798 revolution.

Examine the era in Ireland shaped by Carson and Redmond as the UK came close to civil war.

Understand the causes of the partition of Ireland and the subsequent creation of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Guest speakers, site visits and bespoke Field trips available.

For more information on all of our training please contact us on info@belfasthubb.co.uk