Mariners Afterschool Care

Statement of Purpose

Aims and Objectives The aim of Mariners is to provide quality, safe, affordable and accessible out of school childcare offering a range of play activities in a welcoming atmosphere.

Children for Whom Care is Provided The afterschool operates for boys and girls from North Belfast Primary School age as stated in the admissions policy. The afterschool caters for 30 children, in line with our Belfast Health and Social Care Trust registration. It is anticipated the afterschool will cater for 30 children under the age of 11. The afterschool offers a child centred environment meeting the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of children and recognising the individual needs of each child who attends.

Opening hours

  • The after school afterschool opens between 1pm and 6pm every day during school term-time.
  • The holiday afterschool opens between 8am and 6pm every day during all school holidays.


Afterschool Care, Term Time: £14.00 per Child (including pick up)

Full day, Out of Term Time: £22.00 per Child

You are required to set up a weekly Standing order with your bank (details of this will be on your parent/carer Contract). The Afterschool Manager will arrange payments and bank details.


Staffing levels meet the requirements set by CSSIW at all times.

Afterschool Manager: Colleen Crothers

Afterschool Supervisor: Rachael Dunn

Afterschool Assistant: Stacey Clifford

Afterschool Assistant: Sarah-Louise

BHSCT Registered Person in Charge & Designated Officer: Colleen Crothers

Volunteer Bus Driver: Emma McCallister

Volunteer Afterschool Assistant: Lisa McFarland

Volunteers assist in the afterschool at various times. All staff and volunteers have Access NI enhanced checks and where relevant checks by the BHSCT registered person in charge.

Afterschool Policies, Procedures and Forms
The Afterschool provides appropriate areas for a range of needs including a food preparation/dining area, a quiet area, a large play area and outdoor play space in Crusaders Football. Toilet and first aid facilities are available as well as storage and administrative space. There are a suitable number of toilets available for use by the children attending the Afterschool, and separate toilets for use by staff. No pets are kept on the premises on the premises.

Services Offered In line with the arrival and collection policy the Afterschool, staff collect children from school and accompany them to the afterschool premises where the children are registered. Snacks and drinks are available at the beginning of the session. All food and drinks offered is in line with our menu planning policy, and meets the dietary needs and preferences of children as indicated on the child’s registration form.

Out of School term time, Mariners will be open from 8am to 6pm. We provide weekly outdoor activites to the Grove Park and we also run a two-week summer scheme at the end of July, which is pack full of trips and indoor activities. We provide cereal for breakfast, toast and an afternoon snack. Parents are to provide their child/children with a pack lunch each day.

Activities Offered A wide variety of activities are offered. Some activities will be planned weekly by workers, whilst still offering opportunities for free play. Children will be encouraged to participate in the planning and evaluation of activities and ideas for equipment when it is being purchased.
Languages Used The main language of the Afterschool is given English.

Afterschool Routine
Usual routine of the Afterschool:

2pm- Collect children and escort to the Afterschool.

2.20pm – Homework

2.45pm – Structured Creative Play

3pm – Collect children and escort to the Afterschool.

3.15pm – Structured Creative Play & Homework.

15.30pm- Snack time.

4.00pm – Outdoor Activities.

4.30pm – Free Play.

5pm – Tidy Up.

5.10pm – Music and Dance Activities (or active games)

6pm – Afterschool closes.

(out of School term the routine is extended and morning activities and trips are added.)

The Mariner’s Afterschool routine will vary from week to week with different themes. Also we will have Fun Friday’s were there will be a main activity such as movies, cookery or quizzes etc…

Admissions policy The Afterschool is open to any child attending Seaview , Lowood, Cavehill and Curry Primary School or in North Belfast. We have a detailed admissions policy which can be found on the HUBB website (select Mariner’s Afterschool Care). A copy can also be obtained from the Afterschool Manager.

Contact Information

Contact name: Colleen Crothers

Telephone number: 02890 777511/07954179239

Contact address: The Mariner’s Afterschool Care/The HUBB, 30 St Aubyn Street, Belfast Postcode: BT15 3QF

Email address:

This address should be used for all written correspondence to the Afterschool, including any correspondence to the management committee and/or the Registered Person/ Responsible Individual.

Arrangements for complaints and concerns We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism from parents/carers and children to help us maintain a high quality provision. Please speak with the Afterschool Manager if you would like to make any suggestions. A suggestion box is also always available by the After school’s entrance. However, from time to time a parent/carer or child may find it necessary to follow the complaints procedures, copies of which can be found at the suggestion box or on the website: A copy can also be obtained from the Afterschool Manager.

Arrangements for dealing with an emergency The Afterschool has comprehensive emergency procedures. Details can be found the website: , or can be obtained from the Afterschool Manager.

This Statement of Purpose and all policies and procedures are reviewed and updated as necessary and/or in line with any changes in regulation and at least annually. Any changes to the service are notified to BHSCT. The Afterschool notifies parents/carers of any changes to the Afterschool’s policies and procedures.


Policy No MAC025 Managing an Emergency reviewed

Policy No MAC024 managing agression and challenging behaviour including bullying

Policy No MAC023 Management of Risk associated with the Care of Individual Service Users

Policy No MAC022 Management of Records Policy

Policy No MAC021 Management of Medicine reviewed

Policy No MAC020 Maintenance and Replacement of Play Equipment


Policy No MAC018 Infection Prevention and Control Policy

Policy No MAC017 Health and Safety Policy and Fire Drills

Policy No MAC016 First Aid Policy

Policy No MAC015 e-safety and mobile phone policy

Policy No MAC014 Equality Policy

Policy No MAC013 day-care Contract

Adverse Conditions and Winter Policy

Policy No MAC002 Accidents – Prevention Reporting Recording and Notification

Policy No MAC001 Absence of Manager in Charge

PolicyStatement of purpose Mariners Afterschool CareQF89 Admissions criteriaPolicy No MAC044- CCTV Policy

Policy No MAC043- Smoking Policy

Policy No MAC042 Transport

Policy No MAC029 – Play Policy

Policy No MAC003 Additional Need Policy

Policy No MAC040 Telephone Notification of Sickness Absence

Policy No MAC039 Staff confidentiality agreement

Policy No MAC038 Whistle Blowing Policy

Policy No MAC036 Supervision and appraisal policy

Policy No MAC035 Student Placement Policy

Policy No MAC034 Settling in policy

Policy No MAC033 Security of Setting Policy

Policy No MAC032 Rota Policy

Policy No MAC031 Reporting Adverse and Untoward Incidents reviewed 2016

Policy No MAC030 Provision of Food and drink Policy

Policy No MAC028 Participation and Engagement with Parents Policy

Policy No MAC027 missing child policy reviewed

Policy No MAC026 Menu Planning Policy

Policy No MAC012 Data Protection Policy

Policy No MAC011 Confidentiality Policy and parents access to records

Policy No MAC011 Confidentiality Policy and parents access to records

Policy No MAC009 Code of conduct for staff-HUBB1

Policy No MAC007 Biting Policy

Policy No MAC006 Arrival and collection policy

Policy No MAC005 Allegations Against Staff Policy

Policy No MAC004 Adverse Conditions and Winter Policy

Policy No MAC002 Accidents – Prevention Reporting Recording and Notification

Policy No MAC001 Absence of Manager in Charge Policy

Policy No MAC008 Child Protection Policy