About Us

Background to HUBB CDRC

The HUBB was formed in 2008 with EU PEACE III monies to encourage partnership working, foster positive community relations and develop local community capacity. The centre delivers a range of community focused services within the local community along the Shore Road in Lower North Belfast.

The driving force behind the project originally were a core of former Loyalist-prisoners who wished to engage a community development approach to empower the local community to bring about positive change in the following four areas:

* Historical and cultural awareness

* Utilise Peace & Reconciliation

* Building community/personal capacity

* Branch out for youth intervention

The organisation, in response to emerging community needs, has seen its role and the range of community support provided develops and expand over the past number of years. Recent research undertaken by the management identified the following support services:

* Community education

* Community development

* Mentoring and development support

* Community inclusion

* Maximising access to benefits

* Youth empowerment programmes

* Anti-deprivation interventions

* Training and employment

* Community cohesion and funding support

Organisational Vision, Values & Mission

The vision of the HUBB CDRC is as follows, “A confident community where people aspire to and achieve physical, social and economic regeneration”. This will be achieved with the underlying values of social justice, equality and inclusion – values which are the cornerstone of best practice in community development.

The mission of the HUBB CDRC is “to provide personal and community development support to the local community”.

The HUBB aims to deliver this through three strategic aims:

People – to deliver quality services, activities and projects designed to meet the evidenced need of the local community.

Place – to make a positive contribution to the development of the area ensuring it is a safe, welcoming, affordable, and vibrant place to work, live and socialise.

Prosperity – to run an efficient sustainable effective community organisation this contributes to the overall prosperity of the local area.

These strategic objectives will be delivered through four key strategic activity areas:

* Engagement – within and across the local community and statutory partners.

* Sustainability – reduced costs, increased revenue and development of new income streams.

* Governance – Effective governance and financial management, volunteer retention and development and outcome based accountability.

* Organisational Capacity – increased volunteer skills, knowledge and confidence.

Following a recent organisational planning and restructuring the management board proposed the development of three distinctive organisational arms:

* The HUBB Community Resource Centre – the original community organisation which is be based in York Road Civil Defence Hall. The focus of the organisation will continue to be concentrated on developing local, personal and community capacity using best practice community development approaches.

* A new commercial partnership between HUBB CDRC and Crusaders Football Club – a new arm of the organisation which will be created to accommodate the success of the HUBB and Crusaders FC in securing £1m investment from the Social Investment Fund (SIF) to create a new social club complete with a gym, a multipurpose conference/entertainment centre, recording and drama studio and a passive recreation area.

* Development of a new social economy arm – this will develop and progress a range of social enterprise opportunities which have been identified through the planning process undertaken over the last year. To this extent Legacy EnterpriseNI CIC (Community Interest Company) has been developed with its own legal structure, constitution, Board of Directors etc. The aim of Legacy EnterpriseNI is to create employment and small business start-up opportunities. The long term aim is for enhanced local job creation.

The aims and objectives of these three entities are interdependent but they will be separate legal and financial organisations.


The HUBB CDRC is a Company Limited by Guarantee with 10 Directors drawn from a range of backgrounds within the local community who are elected at an annual AGM.

The committee meets monthly and has developed various sub committees that assume responsibility for and managing a full range of initiatives.

In relation to the delivery and ongoing management and maintenance of the project, post asset transfer and project completion, the HUBB CDRC propose developing a formal Steering Group comprising local stakeholders, elected representatives and representatives from key statutory organisations.

Current Activities

The organisation has approximately 30 active volunteers who assist in the operational delivery of the following range of programmes and services:

* Youth Club – three evenings per week

* Indoor Bowls

* Mother & Toddlers Group

* Education & Training courses

* Grove Community Safety Partnership

* Dance classes

* Summer scheme

* 4 seasonal festivals per annum – Easter, July, Halloween and Christmas

* Jobs skills surgery

* NEET (young people Not in Education, Employment, or Training) surgery

* Older People group

* Older Comrades group

* 10 subgroups